Bruich Beag Kitchen Pod

Bruich Beag Kitchen Pod


The Bruich Beag Kitchen Pod, is our compact pod oozing with features and style. The ultimate totey kitchen pod for SWB vans (also no reason why you can't put this in a LWB!). Perfectly paired with our Torridon and Clachan combo, or Cuillin set up.


Our Bruich Beag (Gaelic for small cook) kitchen pod gives you a super neat slide out cook drawer, with slide out coolbox / fridge or toilet drawer underneath. Each with 132 pound rated and locking drawer runners.


Worktop – keeping it natural birch ply (guys) style, incorporating a natural “flippy uppy” as standard. Built with our 3 inch upholstery on your Torridon or matching Ply Guys bed in mind for perfect working clearance.


Designed around our favourite cooler, the unit is perfect for housing the Yeti Tundra 35. Perfect for long weekends, no power required and super handy to have around the van. The Yeti Tundra 35 can be removed from the drawer and placed elsewhere in the van as additional seating – being the same height as our Torridon, Clachan and Cuillin van beds. We don't include them in the price but can point you in the direction if you want to buy one.


This is complimented with our Torridon unequal slide out bed, Clachan side storage unit and mobile Thunderbox (for a Thetford 335). This set up creates a huge amount of storage, usable load space for bikes, surf boards, or any other long gear, loads of seating for entertaining, and bags of functionality. The Thunderbox being a mobile pod can be relocated to the opposite and sit beside the Clachan – creating a longer extension for the sofa seating on that side.


Matching units


Perfectly combined with our Cuillin or Torridon Signature Series models. Measurements of these beds are 70.8 inches in length, so paired with the Bruich Beag (19.68 inches) give a total of 90.5 inches. So as long as your van has this load length as a minimum you'll be just grand.


Our ideal and recommended set up is a Bruich Beag and a Torridon (plus additional Clachan if you fancy). You can have the Torridon with a cook station too or have it with storage box and dividers.


If you've got the space why not throw in a Thunderbox!? Perfectly fills the gap between a Torridon and Bruich Beag….



Ideal for T5/T6, Transit con


19.68 inches wide

26.18 inches deep

28.53 inches high


Flippy Uppy adds an extra 8.26 inches width to the worktop – making it 30 inches wide. It also creates a handy workspace for a laptop whilst sitting on your Torridon, or a perfect place for your beer, gin or wine glass.


Cook station platform (top shelf):


23.62 inches deep

16.3 inches wide

7.11 inches high


Fridge / Coolbox / Toilet Storage Space:


23.62 inches deep

15.83 inches wide

17.12 inches Max Height


Perfectly sized for a Yeti Tundra 35 but other units will fit.


If you fancy using this as a toilet drawer then a Thetford 335 slots right in there, with handy room next to it to store a large water canister.


Color / Finish