Machadh - Balance Board

Machadh - Balance Board


Machadh - Balance Board, Hexa Birch Plywood Surf Trainer + Cork Roller / Yoga Roller


Machadh is short for Cothromachadh, meaning balance in Scots Gaelic.

Designed and manufactured in Scotland our balance board provides a fun and inspiring way to develop balance skills. It's a great training aid for board sports but has wider appeal as a method of strengenthing muscles and improving your core statbility.

Manufactured from solid 18mm Hexa grip coated Wisa Birch Plywood our board maintains grip on the surface whether in bare feet or shoes.

To the underside of the board there are two end stops for the roller. Experienced users can remove these for an extra challenge.


We use a cork roller for our balance board. There are so many reasons but here are a few:

- Predictable rotation; ideal if you're just starting out

- Can double as a Yoga roller or massage roller

- Kinder to the environment (cork is a sustainable material)

- Can be used on multiple surfaces without damage

- We use a 'firm' roller which allows progression 

Not only is Machadh a great training aid, but also looks beautiful on your wall (coming soon - wall storage unit!) 

SKU: TPG4283
  • Dimensions

    Overall board dimensions;
    900mm x 316mm

    The roller is 100mm in diameter and 300mm long and made from cork