The Sutherland - Load Out Storage + Bed Platform

The Sutherland - Load Out Storage + Bed Platform


The Sutherland…one massive drawer to rule them all! Well actually, it’s two drawers (one slightly larger than the other) giving you an epic amount of storage space in the back of your LWB or SWB van. It’s also a super strong, full width bed base and fits a range of vans styles.


Our product photos include our revolutionary new beer storage solution which we've called by it's scientific name, 'The Flippy Uppy Thing'. Don't worry we've put some extensive product testing into this and we highly recommend this addition. Please note they don't come as standard and are sold seperately from our range of campervan lifestyle and accessories HERE


The Sutherland is made from Birch Ply with a Hexa coating and is designed for the outdoors (although equally at home on the tools). Uprated drawer runners give a 550 pound load rating per drawer. 


We deliver your unit fully assembled and ready to drop in, it can be fitted temporarily via ratchet strap tie downs or more permanently via screws, insert nuts etc. Work van during the week, play bus at the weekend? Two people can lift the system in / out (although another pair of hands does make the job easier). 


The LWB version is 15.75 inches longer than the SWB version and is equipped with additional storage at the inboard end. Ideal for hiding snacks, spares and well anything that will fit through a 19.68 inches / 11.81 inches x 7.87 inche aperture.


At a standard width of 47.25 inches, The Sutherland is designed to fit a whole range of vans other than VW Transporters, just measure up the distance between your wheel arches to make sure you have clearance and you're good to go!


We offer upholstery for The Sutherland in 75mm/3” firm foam in two colours; grey fabric and perforated black faux leather. The upholstery is 60 inches (w) x 71 inches (l) and folds in 4 sections for easy storage (it can even fit in the larger drawer box).


The smaller drawer box (set to the right) has 2 locker tops which can be used as a cook station platform. This box is also ideal for sneaking in a Yeti Tundra 35 coolbox or if you wanted something bigger, they set that up on the left hand drawer. For dimensions see the Technical information below.


Technical information:

SWB 47.25 inches (w) x 55 inches (l) x 21.25 inches (h)

LWB 47.25 inches (w) x 70.86 inches (l) x 21.25 inches (h)

For more dimensions see Technical Information below or the line drawings included in the photo gallery above. 


Shipping: by Pallet or Collection from our Workshops

Color / Finish
  • Tech Specs

    Technical information:

    SWB 47.25 inches (w) x 55.12 inches (l) x 21.26 inches (h)

    LWB 47.25 inches(w) x 70.87 inches (l) x 21.26 inches  (h)

    Weight: approx 176 pounds (empty) 

    Construction: 1/2 inch Birch Ply Hexa