Thunderbox (toilet / storage box)

Thunderbox (toilet / storage box)


The Thunderbox #ifyouknowyouknow. There are other buddy boxes / toilet holders out there but we've done The Ply Guys thing and made  it better. No screws, no furniture blocks just great design. Slots together in under a minute and super strong as it's made from Birch Ply.


It also doubles as a handy step or stool (no pun intended) and at 16 inches high is the same height as our standard Torridon and Clachan seat / bed systems. That means that your trusty Thunderbox can also be used as a seat or bed extension to your Torridon or Clachan just add the relevant cushion colour at checkout. 


Why not get creative - all ready for a bit of Throne Art...


It's designed to fit a Thetford 335 (not included) & an Adventure Ridge 14 Litre (not included) portable toilet but other makes / models are also compatible. 


Standard dimensions are: 


Internal Dimensions

13.19 inches (h)

13.78 inches (w) across

15.35 inches (l) front to back


External Dimensions (max)

19.13 inches (h)

17.72 inches (d)

16.14 inches (w)


Colour Options:

- Natural Birch 

- Black Hexa


Color / Finish